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Motichoor Laddu

Motichoor Laddu



Besan flour/gram flour  1 cup (I took rice cup measurement)

Sugar 1 cup

Water (3/4th cup for besan flour and 1/2 cup for sugar syrup)

2 stp Watermelon seeds

Orange food colour

Boondi laddle


In a bowl add gram flour and add 3/4th cup water to it and mix without no lumps….add food color and mix well….Now,in a pan add sugar and water and boil till you get one string consistency….switch off the stove and keep aside….now,heat the oil for deep frying the boondi…..oil should be on medium-high flame….once the oil is hot ,place the laddle over the oil and pour the gram flour batter in a circular motion….fry the boondi only for a minute or till the sizzling sound stops and remove from oil… repeat the process for the remaining batter….mix all the cooked boondi to the sugar syrup and mix well….let the boondi absorb the sugar syrup for a minute or two….add the boondi-sugar syrup to the processor and coarsely grind the mixture….now,add this mixture back to the pan and cook for a minute….add the melon seeds and make laddu’s….

Note1:  don’t over cook the boondi,if so it will not absorb the sugar syrup

Note 2:Let the boondi fry only for a minute….remove immediately once the sizzling sound stops

Note 3:once the gram flour batter is ready…just immerse your index finger in the batter and drop the batter drops in the oil….if the batter is in the right consistency the boondi should be hollow in shape….

youtube video:



1 cup seedless apricots

1/2 cup sugar

Water as required

Vanilla ice-cream

Chopped almonds


Soak the apricots in water overnight or atleast for 8hrs…..after 8hrs the apricots will be soft and ready to cook ,also don’t throw away the water… a pan add apricots along with the water and cook on medium flame for a minute….now,add sugar and bring to boil….cook till the apricots are very soft…,puree all the apricots or atleast half of them in a processor….now,mix this puree back to the sugar syrup and cook till the consistency thickens…..take the apricot puree to a bowl….in a serving bowl add 2-3 tsp apricot puree, on top of it add 2-3 tsp icecream,and sprinkle some chopped almonds…, Khubani ka meetha is ready to serve 🙂

Youtube Video:





Semolina/Sooji/Upma Ravva   1cup

grated coconut                              1/2 cup

sugar                                                1 cup

ghee                                                  2 to 3 tsp

finely chopped almonds

milk                                                   1/4th cup


slighlt roast sooji,coconut,almonds adding ghee separately and keep aside…,add sooji and then coconut,mix for a minute and add sugar…mix for 1 to 2 mts on low flame….(sugar should not melt)then add almonds,and finally milk…,the mixture thickens….take all the mixture to a bowl and make into laddo’s greasing your palm….

note 1 :don’t overcook once you add sugar

note 2: make laddo’s when the mixture is warm….if it is cooled down u can’t make the laddo….

The youtube video:

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