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Murgh Malai Kebab

Murgh Malai Kebab


300gm boneless chicken

150gm mozzarella cheese

half cup hung curd

11/2 tsp ginger-garlic paste

2-3 tsp heavy cream

2 tsp crushed kasoori methi

2 tsp black pepper pwd

11/2 tsp cornflour

2tsp garammasala


1 tsp oil

2tsp melted butter

some onions and red bellpepper cubes


In a bowl mash the cheese with your hand for 4-5mts and make smooth.Now add hung curd,kasoori methi,salt,garam masala, black pepper pwd,and g-g paste.Add the cream and cornflour.Mix everything very well.Add chicken cubes and oil to the curd mixture.Mix well.Keep the chicken marinated overnight or for atleat 4-5 hrs.Secure the marinated chicken cubes with some onion and capsicum cubes in skewers.Grill them in preheated oven for 20 mts at 230 c.after that change the sides and again grill them for 15mts.Brush some butter each side after grilling.Yummy murgh malai kebabs are ready to eat 🙂

youtube video:


Tangdi Kabab


Tangdi Kabab is a recipe in which the chicken legs are marinated and grilled and then served with onions and lemon juice and the chilled beverages 🙂


Chicken legs 6no

curd half a cup….(i took electric rice cup as a measure cup)

3-4 tsp chilli pwd

salt to taste

1 lemon juice

3-4 tsp melted butter

1tsp garam masala pwd

1tsp ginger-garlic paste

pinch of turmeric

finely chopped coriander

2-3 long green chillies…grinded


Clean the chicken legs thoroughly and take them in a bowl……now add all the ingredients mentioned above and mix well,so that all the leg pieces are well coated……now,marinate overnight or min 4-5 hrs of marination is must…,grill on both the sides…..serve with lemon juice,onions…..u can also add bell peppers,tomatoes in the marination and grill them along with the legs….njoy the recipe 🙂

Here is the youtube video….
Tangdi Kabab 


Murgh Dum biriyani is my all time favourite food,in which chicken is marinated overnight with all the Indian spices  and cooked on dum …..hope u all like this… :)


For the Masala

Bayleaf 3 no

green cardamom 6-7no

Cinnamon 2no

Pepper corn 6no

Star anise 2 no

cloves 8-9 no

Shahizeera 1tsp

Dagad phool

Mace 2 no

Grind all the above mentioned masala into fine powder

For Marination

1/2 kg chicken,cut into slightly bigger pieces

1 tsp jeera pwd

1  tsp coriander pwd

2 tsp ginger-garlic paste

2 tsp chilli pwd

1tsp turmeric pwd

1 cup curd

salt to taste

Chopped coriander 1 bunch

chopped mint leaves 1 bunch

chopped green chillies 6-7 no

Lime juice 2 tsp

1/2 cup oil

In a wide bowl marinate above mentioned items and store in the refrigerator overnight. Atleast 3-4 hrs of marination is must for a good dumbiriyani.

other ingredients

Basmati rice 3 cups—-soak the rice for 1 hr only then it expands.

water 15 cups

2 tsp oil

bay leaf 2 no

salt to taste

shahi jeera 1tsp

rose water

kewra water

saffron soaked in hot milk

golden fried onions(you can buy in any store or u can prepare at home…..chop the onions length wise finely and deep fry them till they are golden….be careful don’t burn them)



In a big vessel add 15 cups water and bring to boil….once,the water starts bubbling add 2tsp oil,bayleaf ,salt and  Shahi jeera……add the rice and check the salt……Cook the rice till it is only 70% done… it is soaked for an hour it takes 3 mts to cook .while the rice is being cooked ,in a non stick biriyani handi spread the overnight marinated chicken as a bottom layer….make sure that big chunks of chicken touches the handi……and cook this on very slow flame….. by this time the rice must be 70% cooked….now with a strainer spread the rice as a second layer……..sprinkle the fried onions on top of rice layer,add dissolved saffron strands in milk,then add ghee,kewra water,rose water and close the lid which is lined  with dough for dum…..Once,everything is added cook on high flame for 4-5 mts,then reduce the flame and cook for 30mts on sim flame…..switch off the flame and immediately don’t mix it up…..better to use spatula to serve the rice to avoid breakage of rice……goes great with raita ….so guys njoy the recipe and have fun :)

note: soak the rice for 1 hr only then it expands

marinate the chicken atleast for 3-4 hrs

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